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  • Awarded codification projects for CSIST and Taiwan MND: providing qualified and trained cataloguers, codification tools and project management.

  • DMSMS solutions provider to Taiwan military and aerospace industries for over 20 years.

  • Trainings offered to Taiwan armed forces: working with internationally recognized consultants to offer trainings in different aspects including Integrated Logistics Support, Life Cycle Costing and LORA (Level of Repair Analysis), Acquisition Management, Reliability Engineering, and Codification.

  • Interpretation and Training support to Pennant UK for the delivery of technical documentation offered to Taipei Metro and Hitachi.

  • Qualified eBook service provider certified by Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA): creation of the Electronics Technical Manuals (eBook) and Logistics Information Management System for EMU 7000 and EMU 8000 in accordance with TRA’s regulations.



OpenTrack Rail Network Simulation

Global Environmental Compliance Solution


Isograph Safety & Hazard Operability Analysis

OpenTrack is a planning and simulation tool for railway operations. It simulates train movement, behavior of the signaling system, dispatching of train services, and the consequences of delay, failure and incidents....

Foresite Global Environmental Management System (GEMS) was introduced in 1996. GEMS can be integrated with your ERP/ PLM/ MRP system to automate the supplier data acquisition process, maintain and validate the product compliance data and produce global environmental compliance reports…



Isograph is a global leader in RAMS, especially its FaultTree+ is the most widely used fault tree analysis software used to improve system safety and reliability....




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